Environ and the Environment

Neil Staley

Environ and the Environment

The thing with environments, is that you need to look after them. You need to ensure that you are careful with what you put in them, as a short term gain or a not so well thought out decision, could lead to a long term problem. Nowhere is this more true than the Data Centre space.

The new Environ SR range from Excel has some fantastic features for the Data Centre space. The 800mm wide range is a versatile rack fitted with a 70% wave vented front door and double vented rear doors. The rack has …

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The Best things come in small packages

Neil Staley

Excel offer a 24 Port 0.5u Keystone patch panel allowing for high density installations of copper cabling RJ45 outlets.

This offers the benefit of having the outlets in a single row of jacks. This means that all RJ45’s in the installation can be orientated correctly, allowing for 48 ports to be presented in 1U of rack space without the 2nd row being inverted. A really good thing about this panel is that it’s modular, allowing you to have Category 6a, Category 6 or Category 5e keystone jacks making it highly versatile.

The panel is perfect for data centre and pre-terminated …

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Data Centre Solutions by Excel… so what you got?

Neil Staley

Well, let me start with what I think you should get when someone says they do data centre solutions… To me it’s the ability to offer a comprehensive range covering all essential elements within a design and be able to offer them for varied situations and applications.

Well… with Excel you have Cat7a, Cat6a and Cat6 copper cabling. You get high density patch panels that help in all manner of scenarios. You get traditional fibre as well as a MTP pre-terminated solution.

Well that’s great regarding the infrastructure, but it needs to be housed…

Well… with Excel you can …

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Neil Staley

Days can go by so quickly… You can turn round at the end of a month and wonder where it’s gone, may be this is because a lot of time has passed where things have been running normally. Nothing really different has happened… Well not this month! I’ll remember the 27th of January for a long time!

The launch of the Environ range from Excel is a moment in industry and in my professional life, one that will stand out.  A moment when I’ll know where I was, a moment to remember, a moment when time seemed to slow… Why?  Because great moments …

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Let there be light!

Neil Staley

Light… we all need it. It’s from what all life on earth comes from. It’s our future, and I believe that it’s the future of networking. Light within fibre cable that is.

It may not be something we are all installing every day, but with 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit starting to ship on switches, the use of fibre within the data centre and networking in general is only going to become greater.

This is why Excel offer an excellent range of MTP Pre-Terminated fibre products, developed with the US Conec Elite connector. This MTP is a superior version …

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We’ve got it covered

Neil Staley

Hello All…

There is lots of reasons why I love Excel. The main one has got to be the style and design of the products within the range.

Let’s take modules.

You want a euro style?… we have one. You want a euro style but low profile?… we have one. You want euro style but need it black or grey so it can be installed in a DDA compliant application?… we have one. You want a euro module but in red for a fire station for example?… we have one. You want 6C?… we have one. You want 6C but …

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Excel Demonstration Suites Updated With the Latest Products

Paul Cave

Hopefully most of our customers know that we maintain two demonstration suites, one in our London office and a larger and more comprehensive one at our Headquarters in Birmingham. What a lot of people do not realise is the extent of the systems that are housed within them along with the fact that they are available to our partners to book to show their customers around.

The process of revising and rebuilding them started many weeks ago, when we canvassed the views of all the Stakeholders; Sales, Product Management and Marketing, each one of which had a list of their …

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Brand Values

Neil Staley

Hello again…

I would love to share with you some of the key values that help Excel to continue to develop.

The brand is reliable, with an EMEA wide partner programme, 25 year warranty programme, pre and post sales technical support and a 15-year development programme.

The brand is proven, it has standards-compliant products, with third party independent verification from test houses such as Delta and 3P.

The brand is accepted, it has 17% of the UK market share in 2012 making the 2nd most popular brand. This is an increase of 2% from the following year!

The brand is flexible, …

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Another step forwards, keeps us changing.

Neil Staley

Since the last time I was sat writing a blog, other developments within the Excel range make me think how right I was to start my journey into the blogosphere with the evolution of the range.

I can now talk to you about the extended PDU range which now offers C13 and C14 plug and socket variants as standard. This is a clear sign that the range adapts to its surroundings. Customers have called for the items to be introduced and sure enough the range morphs to fit the need.

We can also see changes to the cabinets offered …

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New Excel Product Guide 2013 – 2014

Tracey Calcutt

After quite a few months of work we’ve now launched the new Excel Product Guide.

I’m really pleased with the finished catalogue, it not only looks great and is clean and easy to use, but we’ve actually added back in all of the products that are available from Excel, rather than just featuring our core best selling products and listing the full range on the website, which has been the case for the last couple of versions.  We’ve literally added in a further 80 pages!

This latest edition includes new products such as the Excel 0.5U panel, Excel Keystone V …

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